Our Horses

Meet our 25 Irish Cobs

The Horses


I'm Bruno, you will see me strutting my stuff around the yard, I am one of the lead horses at Long's. The guides call me a loveable rogue because I am full of fun.


My name is Henry, I arrived at Long's last year and now am a fully fledged trekker ready for a fun season ahead. I have made lots of pals here, they can't resist my adorable big brown eyes.


Hi I'm Hugo and I just love everybody! I'm a sweet boy who can suit riders of any level of experience. My silly habit is resting my chin on friends' bums as we walk along Ventry beach, I think it's funny but they sometimes don't.


Is misa Tom! I'm a wonderful horse who loves his job. I am a bit of a traffic warden around these parts, making sure all my friends can cross the road safely. The guides have a soft spot for me.


Jumbo, as my name suggests, I am one of the big boys. If I'm not working I can usually be seen catching some zzz's in the sun. My laid back attitude makes me very popular and I am great company on a trek for anyone who is tall, just like me.


My name is Wendy, the newest member of the crew here at Long's Trekking centre. I love my new job and have fitted in very well with all the gang.


Dia dhuit, Justin here. I am a lead horse at Long's. My job is to keep the younger crew in line and lead the way over the beautiful sandy beach of Ventry or the tops of the surrounding mountains. From a lovely walk to a fast gallop, I set the pace.


My name is Peggy, I'm a beautiful mare with a shy but caring nature. I always form a nice bond with my riders. Together we will take things nice and steady so that you can admire the beautiful surroundings of my home.


My name is Marley and I am proof that good things come in small packages! I am perfect for looking after riders who are a little nervous because my caring nature will build your confidence. A genuine sweetheart.


Champ by name, champ by nature! I am a Welsh pony and part of the furniture here at Long's Trekking. The guides adore me because I am always reliable and do my job very well. From beginners to more advanced riders, everyone can take a spin around the beautiful Ventry countryside with me.


Larry, ever the enthusiast! I am a big horse with an even bigger personality. I love taking people out trekking! The guides spoil me with carrots so much that I'm turning orange.


Hi everyone, my name is Tayto. I am a big cuddly bear who loves attention but most of all food!!  Don't be afraid if you are a beginner because I will look after you, and remember ... bring me a snack, please.


Pedro here, I have typical handsome Irish Cob features. I have been described as cool and steady. I take life easy and enjoy my job. You will feel very relaxed if you ride me.


Hello, Captain here! I am a Clydesdale horse. You may recognise me from the "Budweiser" advertisements. A big, strong, gentle giant who is also very handsome. If you are tall, you will be an ideal rider for me and we can admire the beautiful views together.


Can you guess why my name is Oreo? I think that maybe that's why kids love me so much because I look like a cookie! I am kind and can take riders of all levels of experience, but don't be fooled by my cute face ... I can go very fast when galloping on the beach.


Hello, I'm Marko! This is me smiling, playing with my friend Tayto and just like him, I also love a treat! I am a comfortable ride and know my job very well.


Conas atá tú, Séanie is my name, it means "gracious gift" and that's just what I am. I'm a friendly, clever boy who knows that if I pretend to need a pee I can grab a quick bite of grass.


Hiya, I'm Dolly! My favourite thing to do is wake everyone up nice and early in the field and lead them into the yard. The guides tell me I am pretty and I think so too. I'm a sassy lady who best suits riders who have some experience.


Hi, I'm Chloe! I am a sweet girl born and bred here at Long's Trekking centre. Because I am not the biggest of the bunch, teenagers make ideal riders for me.


My name is Annie, I am a lovely mare who knows what she is doing! I can take riders of all levels of experience, from a nice steady scenic walk to a nice, fast canter. I can do it all.


Hi! I'm Coco, I am lucky to be so small because that means all the kids love me. Come and give me a cuddle and check out my eyes, one is blue and one is brown.